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Top Deadly Mistakes You Make In Relationship

1. Getting Drunk on Love

There’s something about that certain touch and feeling. It’s a complete out of control state.  I love nothing more than to find her.  The one who I can nod off with, with a simple whisper of my name or a passing touch.  Where the world is suddenly engulfed by her sex and turn on.  It overtakes me. It’s like my own custom made heroin batch.  Where I can feel the warmth of her orgasm moving and pulsing through my veins.  It’s definitely a drug.  And I fall asleep.  This is my junkie’s favorite type of …

Relationship Advice

The Eight+ Stages of Relationships

Relationships go through predictable stages as they grow and develop. This can be said for all relationships, but it specifically true for romantic relationships.

These stages are unavoidable and happen in every relationships. The key to a happy relationship is to know what stage the relationship is in and dealing with well with that stage.

What stage is your relationship in? Or, if you are not in a relationship, at what stage do your relationships always end? Why?…

Relationship Advice

Understanding men: who they are and how to handle them (in a relationship)

If you are reading this article, I am sure you already understood: man and women are different and this fact makes understanding men a very hard work. And this is not because we had long hair and they did not and we got dolls and they got cars. We are totally different beings, not only humans with a small biological difference. Man act, think and express themselves differently. If you live with one, you got to learn to understand him better if you want to use him for your purposes  . It is especially true if you want to build …

Relationship Advice

How Do I Get My Ex-Girlfriend to Come Back

The questions started about the time you got hit right in the gut, just as sure as if you’d stepped into the octagon with Mauricio Rua. What could I have done wrong? How could this have happened to me? Is it really over? And of course; How do I get my ex girlfriend back?…

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