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The Seduce and Saying Anything Principle

What most guys don’t realize is that 90% of seduction is nonverbal. No matter how many language tricks, pick-up lines, or seduction routines you have, if your body language is not powerful and sexy, whatever you tell a woman will fall flat. If you cannot control the tone of your voice, your eye contact, your smile, your posture and more, no matter what lines you use it will appear INCONGRUENT.…


Internet Dating: Getting Started

Are you ready to meet the right people online and join a fun community? Would you like to enjoy dating in a fun environment while you look for your soul mate? Here are a few easy steps to get you started finding the right community and connecting with other singles. As you take your love life into your own hands, you’ll find yourself expanding your social circle and giving yourself a real chance to meet interesting singles.…


12 Ways to Escape the Friend Zone

You are friends with a woman whom you would rather make love to rather than just being her buddy. It may be difficult to make her change her mind to think of you as her prospective boyfriend as she has got used to having you as her friend. However, it is not impossible to seduce women and move  out of the friend zone either, and the following tips will give you some insight on how to do this.…


Dating Tips For The Introvert People

The introvert person are those kinds of people who experience great difficulty in getting dates and only with effective dating tips will they end up with a date of their choice. These people are reserved since childhood and have been lonely all by themselves and for them dating poses a bigger challenge as they will have to be communicative and be able to socialize.…


Relationship Issues

This is a very interesting article explaining how women are more affected than men when it comes to having sleepless nights. It has been proven that when a woman doesn’t have enough sleep, she is more moody than a man who has had the same amount of sleep.

It is, therefore, important that a woman has her required amount of sleep at night because it can have a huge impact on her behaviour and attitude towards her partner the next day. She will be very grumpy and irritated with him for practically no reason at all. This will lead both …


Dating Tips: How To Talk To Women

Learning how to attract women by talking is made easy with Dating Tips: How to talk to women from relationship experts, Dan and Jennifer. This video is for all the guys out there who become shy and a bag of nerves when trying to chat up a girl.

The first tip is not to talk to the woman like you do your workmates or friends. Do not talk about the weather or whatever was on TV last night. You will bore her to death.…


Why am I Lonely?

It is not rare that people ask themselves “why am I lonely“. It happens to the best of us, at some point of our lives. But instead of dwelling on that thought, here are some good ideas that you might want to explore, if you find that you often ask yourself that question:

Are you really lonely? 

Every one has a few friends, or people he can talk to: Relatives, parents, neighbors, fellow employees. Each of them could lend you an ear, and hear you out, if you have something on your mind. Try and look on the bright side …


How To Get Girl Back After Break Up

When you’ve broken up with someone you care about you have a hard time thinking of anything but how to get girl back.If you truly want this to happen, you will definately need to make some changes. Whatever happened to cause the break up should be examined. Was it something you did, or didn’t do?Is it something that you can still fix, or do you think it is too late?…

Fare il miglioramento di sé meglio di Barack Obama

10 modi per prendere a calci l’abitudine alla procrastinazione

Numero di parole:

Un sondaggio (dell’Universita di Chicago) ha suggerito che coloro che assaporano la sfida hanno maggiori probabilita di vivere fino a 10 anni in piu rispetto a coloro che passano la loro vita inibiti dalla timidezza.

Cercare di realizzare le nostre ambizioni, anche se non sempre le soddisfiamo, e preferibile a non avere il coraggio o la motivazione per correre il rischio.

OMG! Il miglior miglioramento personale di sempre!

Le strategie di definizione degli obiettivi sono importanti soprattutto per aiutarvi a creare il tipo di successo che desiderate e meritate. Ecco cinque tecniche di definizione degli obiettivi per aiutarti a realizzarli.

  1. Bilancia i tuoi obiettivi: Nella vostra vita avrete per…

Parole chiave:
obiettivi, gestione del tempo, motivazione

Articolo Corpo:
Gli obiettivi sono un grande strumento di motivazione. Ma se non li usi correttamente, possono anche essere una fonte di frustrazione.

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