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Ultimate Sex Guide

The main areas that we cover in the workshop are listed below:

1. Introduction to Sexual Mastery
We go through the goals, what we are trying to achieve, customising the content to each student.

2. Sexual Psychology
In this section you will learn about the sexual needs of men and women. You will be taught to understand the emotional sexual needs of women, what women unconsciously respond to and are aroused by. You will also learn how to engineer the sort of sex life you want to live; relationship management; how to make women happy acting out your fantasies and …


Ready For Sex But Not A Mate

Wanting to get married and ready to get married are sometimes very different things…

Dear Dr. Tracy:

I am a 24-year-old single parent with 2 kids. I desperately want to get married, but I can’t stay faithful to any one man! I’ve had so many “perfect” men, but I’ve cheated on every one.…

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